The Road Map….

When we want to talk about Elilly, the story will not be complete if we do not start from GEBECON PLC

On this day about –twenty six years ago, a poor young man from the remote part of the country but with bright vision started his journey that thousands of people have enjoyed today. The Brief history was and is, this young man met his uncle in Debremarkos who immediately assisted him to start driving license, and that lucky day landed him employment opportunity at Ethiopian Roads Authority. On that fateful day, he knew his act would lead to the greatest success journey.

His vision led company after company, eventually sailing the owner (Mr. Gemshu Beyene Bote) into unchartered business without compromise on his value driven and business ethics. His determination and commitment to his passion, against all odds and extremely difficult times, is today the reason for three successful companies: Fincha Fuafuate Freight Transport PLC, Gemshu Beyene Construction (GEBECON) PLc, and Elilly International Hotel with many employment opportunities for citizens across the Country.

A Result of Strong Foundation and Commitment to Match
In Less than six years, GEBECON PLC Leadership, a heritage to be proud of, has registered a remarkable and outstanding performance in road construction works. The history of GEBECON Plc goes back to late 1990s and is an illustrious record of construction management success with proud legacy – of having pioneered the way to transportation and construction development in the country during its decade and heritage. GEBECON PLc recognizes the constant quest for innovation and modern management system, reflecting a pioneering spirit that branches out and gives wing to dream.

GEBECON Plc gave birth to a sister company, a Five Star Hotel, in the heart of Addis Ababa, whose name is called Elilly International Hotel, which is bound to re-define modern hospitality in Ethiopia, for international travelers who expect right service at right price. Elilly is not an ordinary hotel as it is engineered by people who have passion for top-notch service and its service guide blue print that reflects its Brand.elily-bldg

 Elilly Vision
Our mission is simple; to provide authentic hospitality by making a difference in the lives of the people (customers) we touch every day.

Elilly Mission
Our mission is to excel and lead in offering international standard five star services to our customers with emphasis on quality of modern hospitality to all Ethiopians and international community at large. We focus on this mission in pursuit of our goal of becoming the most preferred brand in each segment that we serve for our associates, guests, and owners through:
-       Exceeding in all our customers’ needs and expectations of our products and services
-       Producing value added customer services supported by the state of the art technologies
-       Providing quality training to associates and creating a good feeling Elilly work environment
-       Creating a forward looking and vibrant Elilly management team
-       Striving constantly for new/innovative hospitality product/service ideas that are exclusive to the Elilly Brand.

Elilly Values
We support our mission and goal by adhering to a set of deeply held core values that characterizes and drives Elilly Brand.
-       Ethical behavior in all our service aspects and in our business practices
-       Respect for all our diverse customers and high regard to our competitors success
-       Equal opportunity for all men and women in terms of employment and personal development
-       Continuous quest for new modern hospitality concepts and sharing with others to help Ethiopian hospitality to grow
-       Collective responsibility through team work for Elilly success
-       Doing everything for the benefit of the guest without compromising the quality of Elilly products/services
-       Sound community relationship through community involvement and contribution.

Founders & Owners








Major Transitions

Freight Transport (Fincha Fua-fuate)
Construction Machineries & Equipment Leasing
Modern Construction Works (GEBECON)
 International Hotel (ELILLY)
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