Elilly International Hotel has just received its five star standard

Elilly International Hotel, which opened in 2013 Kazanchis Business District a door step from UNECA, has just received its five star standard from UNWTO and Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism .The award is the ultimate recognition for an establishment steeped in art and design, and committed to service excellence from the outset.


Elilly International Hotel Grand Opening

Elilly International Hotel is exclusively opened on 23 Nov,2013.  It features modern global hospitality, in-style with great hospitality professionals, heavily focused on personal service, attention to detail for satisfaction of savvy travelers and powerful diverse innovations–all exclusive to the Elilly Brandinaguration

No other Hospitality place offers Its customer, this brilliant combination of product and service “ in-depth feeling” and memory that goes with each and every customer of Elilly, truly reflects great values.
Elilly Service Brand is taking “the meaning of modern hospitality ” to new heights with its commitment to do the right things for customers anticipation,We at Elilly clearly understand that relationship starts from the first few second, our focus will be to do that moment right for our guest …Elilly guest should not have to feel they are in the hotel,

hotel shots
We are an Elilly hospitality company with widely to be recognized for a modern service, we are set to be a leading brands and a tradition of innovation that developed over more than four years while Elilly Building itself is under construction. Our mission is simple; to provide authentic hospitality by making a difference in the lives of the people we touch every day. We focus on this mission in pursuit of our goal of becoming the most


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